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Sia Windig

Green artist 

I have always spend a great deal of time outdoors. As a child I would skate, swim, build rafts and yes fall into the water as well. As a teenager I joined the NJN (Dutch youth club for studying nature). I learned a great deal about dragon flies, birds, flowers, spiders and bats. To relax in nature became my second nature. 

In my life I have done a great many things. Professionally I worked for the government and for compagnies big and small. Writing texts, making visuals, designing websites and integrating Social Media in the life of businesses. The common thread in all this is to bring hidden treasures out in the open, in words, images and with a good marketing strategy.


I like to capture a person or an object in their habitat. I make the link with what they or their company stand for in a picture. 
A good picture stays relevant through time.

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Captivating the right moment

I take time to explore a subject. What is the essence my client wants to show the world? There is a great satisfaction in nailing it. This is a picture of Gerrie Leunk in uppermost concentration stearing a sailing boat between buoys.

catch of the day


The image of someone doing their job in their environment has my focus. But what makes it come alive? In this case the tensed red fishing rod caught my eye.