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    Published work Sia Windig Humana Obscura


    In recent years my photos have been published in a magazine and in books. My photos have hung in various exhibitions. Many of my texts and photos are online and can be viewed in my gallery.

    2023 | Pf magazine voor professionele fotografen - Breather, photo essay frozen world Sia Windig
    2023 | Humana Obscura - foto Shellter page 74
    2022 | Boek Bèta-onderwijs voor duurzame ontwikkeling (NVON)
    2022 | Fotoboek Kijk Op Straat

    Recent webdesign & branding

    2022 | EWA & Bluespring

    Triptych included in the permanent collection Museum Gouda

    Together with other Gouda artists I contributed to the Gesammstkunstwerk 'Dot on the Horizon'. My photo triptych has been rewarded with the audience award and is now part of the permanent collection of Museum Gouda.


    2023 | Gouda studio's: Kijk op straat
    2022 | Stichting Watererfgoed Groot Woerden: permanente tentoonstelling
    2021 | Museum Teylers Haarlem: gewonnen en geëxposeerd bij John Constable wolkenwedstrijd
    2020 | Museum Gouda: stip op de horizon
    2018 - heden: kunstroute Nissewaard

    Naar webshop

    Expositieruimte gemaal Teylingens

    Local exhibitions in Gouda and Spijkenisse

    There is an active group of photographers in Gouda, my home town. We organise all kind of things together, like a photo book about every street in Gouda.  Every year I participate in the local art exhibition in Spijkenisse. Together with Bea Riksen (ceramist) we welcome everyone who is interested in our art. This year I am showing, among other things, my photos from a textbook about sustainability. It is a photo essay about the beauty of our planet.
    Expositieruimte gemaal Teylingens

    Permanent exhibition Kamerik

    For the Great Woerden Water Heritage Foundation I have put together a permanent digital and physical exhibition about the history of water management, climate change and the Teylingens steam pumping station. My work was content curation, photography and digital design and for the space I made 12 photo panels for the walls. Your welcome on all Saturdays and other days after a phone call!